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May 13, 2020

Online Professional Orientation Week

The lecture of Professor Ejup Ganić marked the end of Online Professional Orientation Week organized by Gymnasium SSST for second-grade students. Throughout the entire week, our students had a chance to participate in online lectures of university professors who gave them advice to help them choose between Natural Science or Social Science Group in the third grade. 

Our guests from University SSST included historian Professor Marko Atilla Hoare, who spoke of advantages of studying political science, and Professor Tarik Ćatić who gave a gave a very engaging lesson on history of different kinds of medicines and their importance. Our students also showed great interest in the lecture of Professor Emir Ganić who spoke of the careers of the new millennium, with special emphasis on computer science. The week was completed with a final word from Professor Ejup Ganić, who advised the students to make wise and smart choices and wished them all the best in their further education. 

Gymnasium SSST extends its gratitude to all the guests who made their contribution to our Online Professional Orientation week.