Core clubs

All GSSST students are required to sign up for one Core Club each school year. Core Club meetings take place in a weekly slot within the regular class schedule. Core Club activities may include field trips, special projects and events.

  • Science Club
  • PPA Club
  • Computer and Design Club
  • Art Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Performing Arts Club

Computer Science and Design Club

If you seek to enhance your computer skills and gain expertise in the MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw and InDesign tools, the Computer Science Club and Design Club is the right choice for you.

Club members look into ways in which computer science interconnects and interacts with other disciplines such as art, science, social sciences and other fields.

Our work is practical-oriented and members use their newly gained skills to help design the School Magazine, the chief instrument in voicing student opinions and promoting their accomplishments. The Student Magazine also gathers students from other clubs, allowing you to work with colleagues outside your own club.

We hope that by taking part in Computer Science and Design Club, you will gain valuable practical experience of ICT programs, ignite your creativity and develop problem-solving skills. All of this serves to produce better prepared candidates for higher education and future professional careers.

Psychology Club

The study of psychology offers insights relevant to our everyday lives as it addresses real and commonly experienced problems and dilemmas. In Psychology Club, we talk about issues that affect you: how to approach studying, how to successfully interact with others, what are possible techniques of persuasion, how do we identify and control our emotions. In essence, this is a club that seeks to examine what makes us – us, and then seeks to develop tools for self-improvement.

Psychology Club offers its members the possibility for practical application of psychology theories and ideas. It offers a venue for interactive group discussions and work, developing new life skills and effective techniques to tackle common obstacles.

Club members coordinate and host various club events, including inviting exciting guest speakers, recreating famous psychology experiments, organizing fundraisers and taking part in special field trips.

PPA Club (Politics, Philosophy, Arts)

This is a club for talkers and thinkers, and all of those who wish to improve their speaking and analytical skills. Club members will be offered exciting and interactive sessions that take a look at some major movements in art history, literature, politics and philosophy. We seek to recognize and interpret trends, symbols and narratives, examining the origins of modern thought and beliefs. While especially useful for future students of humanities, the PPA Club offers everyone plenty of opportunity to develop highly coveted debating and presentation abilities.

Club members will be motivated to examine and develop their own aesthetics and hone their critical thought. The course aims to be a source of ideas and inspiration – expect to look at plenty of art and to read beyond your academic syllabus.

Art Club

Calling on all creatives! Is your imagination better expressed in pictures than in words? Then Art Club is the place for you. Regardless of whether you’re a budding Rembrandt or struggle drawing a stick figure, as long as you have a passion to create join us to explore the joy of making your mark on canvas. We experiment with different drawing and painting techniques: dots, lines, colors, 3D, and many more. Members visit galleries and exhibits with a teacher, as well as create their own annual exhibition with sales of art and crafts (jewelry and other DIY’s) hosted by the school.

Expand your horizons, learn about art, express your emotions with unconstrained painting techniques - lovers of figurative and abstract art are welcome! Be ready to wander outside with your sketch book as we learn to place objects from everyday life on paper. We learn how to create different compositions, draw portraits and figures, still life and landscapes. We explore perception and perspective, experimenting with different materials and surfaces on the way.

Science Club

The Science Club is a place for discovery and innovation. You don’t need to be an exceptional student of Biology, Physics or Chemistry to join – all you need is curiosity and an interest in scientific discovery and experimentation. The club members test and deepen their knowledge gained in class, while possibly tapping into scientific potential they may not even know they possess!

This Science Club is a hands-on club that allows students to take part in scientific projects and get excited about possible careers in science. Expect to improve your grades but also to have fun examining and understanding countless ordinary and out-of-ordinary events we observe on a daily basis. Members gain valuable problem-solving skills and learn about scientific methodology. They are invited to pose questions and jointly seek answers to scientific puzzles that spark their curiosity. In GSSST Science Club, the students set the research agenda!

One of our top aims for the next period is to develop the School’s very first Environmental Agenda, and take meaningful steps in our local community for a greener and cleaner future.

All the students interested to become part of our club should arm themselves with enthusiasm for science, an open mind and willingness to probe into the physical world around us, thereby effecting a positive change in themselves and our community.

Performing Arts Club

If you have always had a talent in music, dancing or acting, then the Performing Arts Club should be your choice. We will help you perfect your public performance skills, but also help you increase your confidence, critical thinking skills and public speech. In this club we teach you not only music, dance and acting, but help you become dedicated, focused and team-oriented individuals, who will become friends for life.

Join us and learn how the theatre works, become your favorite character or just sing and dance on the stage. Your work and efforts will result in performances on different occasions in the multimedia room in our school. Take your first steps towards the big stage!