We believe that extra-curricular activities should not be the purview of only the best and most engaged students, but all students. These activities allow a broadening of our approach to education and are central to our teaching philosophy. Student clubs promote social and professional skills and serve to engage and motivate beyond the academic syllabus. For this reason, successfully engaging in extra-curricular activities is very much considered and valued by leading universities when assessing candidates for placement. We find that engaging in clubs leads to overall grade improvement and greatly contributes to student motivation and satisfaction.

Each year GSSST offers a number of Core Clubs with a weekly meeting slot within the regular class schedule. In this way, we ensure that all students are members of at least one club and are given the possibility to debate, present, paint, write, or simply read beyond the syllabus while in school. In addition to these, students have a choice of a number of diverse clubs whose meetings and activities take place outside the regular school hours.