Student clubs

Each year we try to respond to diverse interests of our student community by offering extra-curricular activities that best reflect these interests. We work with student representatives to create programs that engage and excite, offering opportunities to gain new skills, expand on knowledge acquired in school, or simply make friends through common interests. Student Clubs meet outside school hours.

  • Math Club
  • History Club
  • Sports Club
  • Debate Club
  • MUN Club
  • Geography Club
  • French Club
  • Chess Club
  • First Aid

History Club

Whether you are a history buff or simply have an interest in learning about the past in a way that illuminates the present, this is the club for you. The History Club provides the opportunity to enhance analytical skills and develop abilities critical for prioritizing information, which is key to informed decision-making. One of the principal aims of the History Club is to identify both humanity’s greatest achievements and gravest errors: commenting, analyzing and learning in order to articulate plans for a safer and more productive future.

Our approach is not only based on reading literature and written sources; we will also be exploiting other resources of historical lore such as documentaries, visiting museums and installations inspired by historical facts. Students will also take active part in various Club projects.

Math Club

The purpose of Math Club is to offer an advanced setting to develop students’ level of math skills and knowledge. The basic objective is to help students hone their critical and higher order thinking within a supportive environment. Together we will prepare for Math Competitions but also simply enjoy creative thinking and problem-solving.

Sports Club (Basketball Club)

Learn new exercises and gain or improve your basketball skills at GSSST Sports Club. We offer a great way to unwind and blow off some study steam while improving your motor skills, making friends and learning about teamwork.

A love of sports and active living is all that is required as we will learn different defensive and offense basketball strategies together, both group and individual. We will work on techniques of ball handling, passes and shooting. Students will have the opportunity to develop mad new skills such as rolling, dribbling, dribbling behind the back, direction changes, and other.

Club members will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences with students from other schools through tournaments and friendly matches. Members will also have the opportunity to showcase their skills at the tournament division of our school.

Geography Club

Do not imagine a stuffy room full of old maps and sleepy students reciting capital cities and rivers – this is the Geography Club of today! We work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for an interactive look at the way natural phenomena is correlated to agricultural, structural and social development. The ability to link maps digitally to information enables us to visualize and understand patterns and relationships around us. If you are interested in urban planning, environmental studies, architecture or hope to one day own and populate your own island – join our club!

Debate Club And MUN Club

Both Debate and Model United Nations (MUN) clubs allow students the opportunity to develop and improve on a wide set of skills, gaining knowledge across several disciplines. Improve on your confidence and self-esteem as you learn to form convincing, well-balanced arguments - employing critical thinking and effective use of data. Proficiency in doing research, vastly improved project management and organization skills, are all among outcomes of membership and serve students in all areas of their academic study. By joining one or both clubs, students greatly improve their presentation and speaking abilities, while learning to value teamwork, respect for dialogue and diversity of opinion. The clubs gather future leaders, students with an interest in politics, diplomacy, current topics in economics, business, human rights and beyond.

GSSST Debate Club is included in the National Debate Clubs Network, which organizes public panels, debates, as well as regional and state competitions gathering over 50 schools from all of BiH.

GSSST MUN Club prepares students for participation at MUN Conferences, held annually in Banja Luka and Mostar, and gathering young people from the entire region. Students are also able to apply to international MUN Conferences that take place across Europe.

French Club

French language has always been regarded as the most romantic language in the world. Everything seems to sound nicer and more relaxed if it is said in French, and more than 77 million people speak it as their native language. French Club is one of the most popular clubs in our school. If you want to learn the basics of French or improve upon your existing knowledge, join us. Here we learn how to communicate, have everyday dialogs and expand our vocabulary, grammar and reading, speaking and listening skills. We listen to French music and speak about French culture, literature, fashion, cuisine, and all other things that make France unique. Rejoignez nous!

Chess Club

We are extremely proud of the Chess Club of our school which has achieved significant results in its short history. Founded with the aim of promoting thinking skills, strategizing and healthy competition, chess has grown into more than just a game and become a means of intellectual development. These are the skills you will develop at our Chess Club, where you will be able to develop your creativity as well. By playing chess with other chess enthusiasts, you will learn the basics of this game and different strategies to defeat your opponent. Who knows, maybe one of you is the new Fischer, Karpov or Kasparov.

First Aid

One of the most popular clubs at the GSSST is the First Aid club. As you know, first aid can mean the difference between life and death. First aid is the traditional activity of Red Cross whose aim is to promote knowledge and skills of emergency assistance. The aim of the club is to motivate students to learn about the basics of first aid and assess their knowledge and skills. At this club, you will learn to recognize normal vital functions (consciousness, breathing, pupils, pulse, blood pressure) and provide help in cases of epileptic attacks, cardiac arrests, broken bones, etc.