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Aug 31, 2020

Information on the First Day of School Ceremony at the SSST Gymnasium

Gymnasium SSST  organizes a symbolic gathering on the occasion of the first day of school and the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year for first grade students, which will be held on Tuesday, 1 September 2020 at the SSST Gymnasium, Bistrik 7.
On this occasion, the president of the School Board, Emina Ganić, principal of the SSST Gymnasium, Senad Alić, and your homeroom teachers, Amina Agić-Alijagić and Lejla Čaušević, will make short welcome speeches.
The epidemiological situation has prevented us from organizing the first day of school the way we did it for the past few years, so other teachers will not be present to introduce themselves.
Respecting the measures of the Crisis Management Staff, the students will be divided into four groups in order to decrease the chances of potential exposure.
We would also like to point out that, due to the ban on large group gatherings, only one parent/guardian is allowed to accompany each student to the ceremony. 
All attendees must follow the recommendations of the Public Health Institute of the Sarajevo Canton, including wearing a mask, observing social distancing protocols and other measures.
We would like to congratulate you once more for successfully enrolling and starting high school. We are certain that you will be a generation we will be proud of and that you will overcome all obstacles and problems with ease. We are here to help you. We believe this school year will bring you numerous important life lessons and lifelong friendships, and you will return those favors by working hard and behaving well.  
Please follow the following schedule for your arrival at the SSST Gymnasium:
GROUP I   (10:00 AM )

  1. Avdić Emina
  2. Bizović Kan
  3. Cataldo Asiah Zahrah
  4. Delibašić Iman
  5. Dizdarević Aldin
  6. Gavrankapetanović Hamza
  7. Hodžić Amina
  8. Kadić Alejna
  9. Ćatović Lea

GROUP II   (10:30 AM )
  1. Kafadar Nazif
  2. Karabegović Selma
  3. King Mostić Mia
  4. Pecar Džemal
  5. Šopović Arman
  6. Tucaković Suana
  7. Zubanović Esma
  8. Zeineddine Ali

GROUP III  (11:00 AM )
  1. Cabrera Mahdi
  2. Čolić Sarah
  3. Čustović Faris
  4. Demirović Mahir
  5. Dizdar Rijad
  6. Dizdar Vannett Benjamin
  7. Durak Elma
  8. Džidić Ema

GROUP IV  (11:30 AM )
  1. Hamzić Ervin
  2. Hasanović Nadža
  3. Jurić Petra
  4. Kadribašić Timur
  5. Mešević Zara
  6. Mulahusić Lamija
  7. Trobok Goran
  8. Selesković Isma
  9. Šabić Esma
  10. Juhić Danin