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Mar 02, 2021

Independence Day: Remembering our past so we would have a future

A ceremony to celebrate 1 March (Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day) and 3 March (Gymnasium SSST Day) was held at our school, in accordance with current health and safety measures. Our students recorded a video on the rich cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, performed recitals and read essays devoted to their homeland. The ceremony ended with a 10-minute musical performance. 

The students also created a video about 1 March, Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the message that our country needs young people to protect and lead it. Members of History and Art Clubs reminded us of the importance of 1 March and referendum for independence and then led us on a tour of Svrzina and Despića House in Sarajevo. Members of Geography Club spoke of the natural beauty of our country, and members of Science Club shared a story about the Bosnian lily (Lilium Bosniacum), an endemic species of flower that has been the symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina ever since the Middle Ages. Members of the Performing Arts Club performed the song "Nekako s proljeća". 

This video is a reminder that we must remember our history, preserve the natural beauty of our country, and work hard to create a better future for the generations to come. 

Happy Independence Day!