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Sep 04, 2019

GSSST presents Honor Society 2018/2019

We proudly announce the winners of the silver badges for the academic 2018/2019 year, awarded to top students with a 5.0 GPA, exemplary conduct grade and exceptional contribution to school clubs and extracurricular activities.
The GSSST Honor Society badge symbolizes excellence in academic achievement and personal conduct, recognizes leadership traits and recognizes those who serve as an example and inspiration for the entire School.
And the first winners of the silver badges are:

  1. Ena Hamzić
  2. Tarik Začiragić
  3. Emina Hadžiavdić
  4. Zerin Zeković
  5. Iman Čorić
  6. Nadja Kikić
  7. Semina Bureković
  8. Nejra Softić
  9. Lejs Zelić
  10. Amna Mandžo
  11. Nejra Džaferović.
                                                           Craftwork by jewelry store “Sofić”

Handcrafted, unique badges made of pure silver, manufactured exclusively for the Gymnasium SSST by one of the most prominent BH jewelry workshops – jewelry store “Sofić”. Pinned up on a school blazer lapel, the GSSST Honor Society badge highlights academic excellence, leadership quality and personal conduct.