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Sep 01, 2021

GSSST Orientation Day 2021

The official reception for first-grade students and their parents was held at our school today. Having finished the last school year with a combination of live classes and remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were happy to meet our new students in person and introduce them to their teachers and school administration. Mrs. Emina Ganić, the president of the School Board, and Mr. Senad Alić, the principal of the Gymnasium SSST welcomed the students. Homeroom teachers Adnan Islamović and Nerim Herenda greeted the students and introduced them to the first-grade curriculum. Following the decision of the Ministry of Education of Sarajevo Canton, our school will resume regular classes, while maintaining all necessary health precautions. Congratulations to our new generation of students! We wish you all the best in the new school year.