Your Future starts with us.
Mar 03, 2021

A message from the principal on the occasion of the Day of the Gymnasium SSST

Dear students, parents, colleagues, and friends, 


Today, we celebrate 3 March, the Day of the Gymnasium SSST. It has been five years since the school was opened and the first generation of students enrolled. We offered a unique concept of education in English and individualized approach to each student. Our mission to give society capable and well-rounded young individuals, with good knowledge that will help them succeed in their future education, is our guide in everything we do. These past days, months and years have been filled with hard work, but also pride because of what the Gymnasium SSST has become. 

It wasn't always easy. This past year and the COVID pandemic gave us an important life lesson. Education and knowledge are the only tools we have in the fight against the biggest problems we face today, including the pandemic. We adapted to the new online method of learning and teaching. Still, nothing made us more happy than the sound of the school bells and the return to our classrooms. We sincerely hope we will remain together in our classrooms, with live classes, until the end of this school year. 

We have managed to achieve a lot and become a well-known education institution. We are proud of our first generation of graduates, who now study medicine, engineering, economics, computer science and social sciences and who will be those who will shape the modern and advanced BH society of the future. 

This is just the beginning. I believe our school has decades of success and prosperity ahead,  and that we will give this country generations of responsible, well-educated citizens we will all be proud of. 

In that name, I would like to thank all parents for their trust, teachers for their selfless efforts and students for their cooperation and understanding. 

Happy 3 March - the Day of the Gymnasium SSST. 


Senad Alić, principal of the Gymnasium SSST