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Oct 08, 2020

The Gymnasium SSST organizing its 2nd Mental Health and Drug Awareness Week

The Gymnasium SSST is organizing its 2nd Mental Health and Drug Awareness Week. From 12 to 16 October, our school will host experienced psychologists, counselors, police inspectors, and members of the  SSST Medical School Students' Association 'Medica', who will speak about the importance of mental health. The aim of these lectures is raising awareness about the importance of mental health, demistifying seeking expert help and continually working on personal growth during adolscence.
The event is organized to mark 10 October, World Mental Health Day. The motto of this year's Mental Health Day is "Mental health for everyone."
COVID-19 measures call for a limited number of students who will participate in the lectures, but other students and interested members of the public will be able to follow the live stream of all lectures on Gymnasium's Facebook and Instagram profiles.
Lectures start at 1 PM every day and last thirty minutes.
More information on lecturers and topics available in the agenda.

Official Theme for 2020: Mental Health for All

(Greater Investment – Greater Access)
12 Oct – 16 Oct 2020

12 October – Monday                                                                                     
Speaker Remzija Šetić, movie “Hana”, 
Theme: Discussion about movie and significance of mental health for all
Time and place: 01:00 PM, Library - GSSST

13 October – Tuesday                                                                               
Speaker: Dženana Kuloglija
Theme: Adolescent with Family
Time and Place: 01:00 PM, Library - GSSST

14 October – Wednesday                                                                         
Exhibition Art Class of GSSST
Theme: Mental disorders and emotions from artistic perspective
Time and place: Whole day, Library - GSSST

Workshop for parents Psychologist and Pedagogue of GSSST: Maja Misira Rašić, Enisa Ćehajić
Theme: How to help kids during stressful periods in life
Time and Place: 05:00 PM, Online format

15 October – Thursday
Police department   
Speaker: Edin Hodžić, commander                                                                                         
Theme: Legal regulations and consequences related to drug use
Time and Place: 01:00 PM, Library - GSSST

16 October – Friday
Medica – SSST University Sarajevo Medical School Student Association
Speakers: Berina Mahmutović, Amina Šahbaz, Esma Hasanagić and Medina Mujčin.          
Theme: Eating Disorder
Time and Place: 01:00 PM, Library - GSSST